Combined Charities Christmas Shops

Buy Christmas Cards direct from the charities & give them maximum benefit

We are run by volunteers so 100% goes to the charities - 50th year, £5 million raised!

Important note: the charities site is a shop window in which the individual charities can display their cards. Your orders go to the individual charities for processing, and only they can deal with queries about particular cards. We have no central stock of cards from which to make up mixed orders for several charities.

About Us

Combined Charities Christmas Shops 1971 - 2021

Look where a chance remark can take you!

50 years ago this year, I was in a tiny side street antique shop in Alderley Edge. I happened to say that I couldn't find anywhere that sold charity Christmas cards.

The astonishing reply was “Well, if you like, you can have this shop to sell your cards. I am moving to the high street.”

So began an enterprise that has generated sales of around £5.5m for the participating charities.

Combined Charities have Christmas shops in Wilmslow, Altrincham, Macclesfield, Hale and Knutsford.

Uniquely in these shops:

  • Charities participate free of charge.
  • They receive 100% of the value of their sales.

We cover the inevitable expenses (rent, publicity, insurance, equipment, phone) by selling gifts alongside the charities' cards.

Our web-site began in 1999. It has proved popular with people who are time poor, yet want to support a favourite charity. A few clicks of the mouse takes them to a range of charities, with a spread of designs from which to choose and buy.

Over the 50 years this venture has attracted some extraordinarily talented people who give their time and talents to the successful running of this organisation. No-one is paid a penny.

To those of you who either come to our shops, or buy on-line, we are friendly and welcoming.

You can rest assured that 100% of the value of the charities' sales is returned to them.

We thank you all for your support, and wish you all well

Sheila Hallas MBE

Honorary Organiser