Charity Christmas Cards

Buy Christmas Cards direct from the charities & give them maximum benefit

We are run by volunteers so 100% goes to the charities - 53rd year, £6 million raised!

Shops and Dates 2024

2024 PROVISIONAL dates for shops

Wilmslow Sat 26th Oct - Sat 7th Dec   Upstairs in the library
Macclesfield Sat 2nd Nov - Sat 7th Dec   Upstairs in the library
Knutsford Thu 31st Oct - Wed 4th Dec   Upstairs in the library
Sale Sat 9th Nov - Sat 23rd Nov   at Sale Waterside


If you can, come and see us at any of our shops. We are unique and friendly.

There are over 35 charities represented.

All participate free of charge.

All are returned 100% of their sales.

No one is paid.

Plus, we have lovely gifts for all your family and friends! We also offer a simple overprinting service.

Wilmslow shop, upstairs in Wilmslow Library

Christmas cards & gifts in our Wilmslow shop

Bath fizzers


Our shop in Macclesfield Library

Our shop in Knutsford Library

Gifts, mostly available in all of our shops, here displayed in Macclesfield Library

Our pop-up shop at Sale Waterside